Guitars For Beginners Guide to Choosing a Simple Chords

You received a new guitar for Christmas as a gift or from your birthday, then, as soon as possible you want to play the songs. To do so, you may need to do it right.

Choose a simple song to starts

Tips from guitars for beginners – The biggest mistake you can make is to choose songs that are too complicated for a beginner.  You should be learning how to play basic guitar songs.  Do not jump into to learn songs that you like.  Well, I agree some of the recent song you can play as a beginner. Just make sure you choose them right, and don’t set your sights too high. You know that these rock stars are really good at what they do and it will take you a few weeks to master it.

Using the easy basic chords and good guitars for beginners

Guitars for BeginnersThere are thousands of other chords you can choose from as the guitar beginners. With the same guitar chord there are even lots of versions of the same chord you can play.  Some of the cords are easy to play than others.  I recommend sticking with the standard versions of the chords when you start learning the basic guitar songs.  To star I would avoid Barre Chords and get familiar with the root chords that you play in the first position.  Here are some easiest chords to learn:  A, D, E, Am, Em, Dm, A7, D7, G, G7, C, C7 and E7. These will allow you to play plenty of easy songs.

Have a Good Guitar Teacher, or by Using a set of Guitar Lessons

If you cannot find a local guitar teacher, you can learn the guitar lessons online. Now with the internet, it is a best source of learning guitar other than traditional approaches to hire a guitar teacher or join a guitar class.  The big benefit of online classes is that you can pick your own schedule and your home to learn; moreover, you can go back to them again and again and really make sure you have covered all the learning points. You will also have a great set of easy guitar songs for beginners that are part of the course. You will not need to simplify or adapt them in any way.

Here is my recommendation for the best online guitar course

Guitar Lessons Guitars for Beginners: Different Approaches

Learn how to play guitar in this free video clip. Get easy guitar lessons for beginners – music tips and techniques.

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